Snow Removal


Snow removal operations will begin when a depth of six inches is measured at the intersection of Discovery and Northridge Drive. This measurement will be conducted by the Yreka Police Department or Public Works staff. In the event a winter storm advisory is forecast by the National Weather Service, this site will be monitored on an hourly basis by Public Works staff. Time spent monitoring will be charged to the State reimbursement snow removal program if there is a need for snow removal.


  • The City is not responsible for the clearing of driveways or sidewalks other than those which front City-owned Facilities.
  • Sidewalk clearing is up to the owner of residential and commercial properties, so if you have elderly or disabled neighbors, lend a hand!
  • Please do not shovel or move snow from your property into the street.


Caltrans is responsible for removing snow from State Route 3 and State Route 263 in the City, which includes Main Street, Montague Road and Ft. Jones Road.


In accordance with Resolution Number 1618, adopted the 7th day of January 1982. A resolution of the City Council of the City of Yreka prohibiting parking on certain streets when snow conditions exist:

The following streets are of an insufficient width and parking is prohibited thereon during such snow conditions when the same are posted giving notice thereof:

  • Broadway from Main Street to Miner Street
  • Butte Street from Main Street to Gold Street
  • Center Street from Broadway to Gold Street
  • Fourth Street from Miner Street to Jackson Street
  • Lawrence Lane from Main Street to Turre Street
  • Lewis Drive from Meadowlark Lane to Lawrence Lane
  • Miner Street from Main Street to Oregon Street
  • N Street from Main Street to Fairchild St
  • Shadow Lane from Turre Street to Sunrise Way
  • Sunrise Way from Turre Street to Lawrence Lane
  • Turre Street from Main Street to Meadowlark Lane

The Director of Public Works shall post the aforesaid streets in accordance with the resolution and Vehicle Code 22510.

Excessive Snowfall

In the event of excessive snowfall, and the American Red Cross is forced to open all or some of the following area shelters in Yreka due to the closure of I-5, the following routes to the emergency shelters are to be cleared as a second priority:

Emergency Shelters

  • C.A.S.A (201 S Broadway Street) - Miner Street to Broadway Street
  • First Southern Baptist Church (230 N Oregon) - Miner Street to Oregon Street
  • Lutheran Church (Knapp Street and Sherman Street) - Tebbe Street to Oregon Street to Knapp Street
  • Methodist Church (Corner of Cedar and Fairchild) - Miner Street to Fairchild Lane
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church (346 Payne Lane) - Miner Street to Oregon Street to Payne Lane
  • Street Joseph's Catholic Church (314 Fourth Street) - Miner Street to Fourth Street
  • YMCA (350 N Foothill Drive) - N Foothill Drive
  • Yreka Community Center - Tebbe Street to Oregon Street (north of Tebbe Street)


Snow moved by snowplows may collect in front of or on driveways. This inconvenience is unfortunate, but unavoidable, as the City's Public Works Department is focused on making the streets safe and passable. The City does not clear private residential driveways. Please try to wait until after your street is plowed before removing snow from your driveway. Please note that your street may be plowed more than once, or not at all, depending on a number of different variables.

The City typically clears snow from the centerline of the street to make it passable for drivers as soon as possible, with snowplows possibly returning to widen the cleared area. Please be aware this could increase snow buildup on or in front of your driveway.

Driveway Snow Removal Tip

If you clear the snow from your driveway before your street has been plowed, be sure to clear an area of snow to the right of the driveway (when you are facing the driveway from the street). This cleared area will allow most of the snow on the plow to be deposited before it gets to your driveway. The larger the area cleared the less snow will be moved in front of your driveway.

Snow Removal Order

View the order that the City generally removes snow from streets. This is subject to change depending on conditions and other circumstances.

  1. First Priority
  2. Second Priority
  3. Third Priority
  4. Fourth Priority
  5. Fifth Priority

The First Priority is to provide access for essential emergency services of the City. The order of this work is to be as follows:

  1. The Yreka City Service Center in order to dispatch crews
  2. Wastewater Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Facilities as required
  3. Yreka Police Department
  4. Yreka Fire Department
  5. Bruce Street from Main Street to Fairchild Medical Center

The remainder of the City is to be plowed and/or cindered in the second, third, fourth, and fifth priority order.