Prevent FOG from Going down the Drain

How You Can Prevent Excessive Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) from Going down Your Drain

Fats, oils and grease deposits which cause blockages and overflows in sanitary sewer lines are a State and Nation-wide concern. The California FOG Workgroup and the National Restaurant Association suggest that the most effective and least costly ways of preventing FOG deposits are dry cleanup in kitchens and solid waste disposal or recycling of waste grease. Kitchen best management practices (BMPs) are recommended as follows:

Chill Oil and Grease

Pour cooled oil and grease into a container, store in the freezer to solidify, then throw into the trash.

Use a Sink Strainer to Catch Food Scraps

Use a sink strainer to catch the scraps when peeling, slicing, and cutting vegetables for vegetable trays, potato salad or soups.

Throw Food Scraps into the Trash or Compost

Never use the garbage disposal. Throw food scraps in the trash or compost them.

Wipe and Scrape Leftover Food into the Trash

Before washing dishes, scrape or wipe leftover food, batters and dressing into the trash can.

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