The Maintenance Division is comprised of hard-working, dedicated professionals who work to maintain public areas and public infrastructure. This includes 52 centerline miles of streets and roads, 82 miles of water distribution pipes and 48 miles of sanitary sewer mains.


The Maintenance Division is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of the:

  • Crosswalks
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Parks
  • Plaza
  • Storm Drain System
  • Streetlights
  • Traffic and Street Signs
  • Water Meters
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Building Maintenance

The division also takes care of buildings and their landscaping which includes the:

  • City Hall
  • Community Center and Theater
  • Fire Department's Ley Station
  • Service Center
    856 N Main Street
    Yreka, CA 96097
  • Yreka Police Station

Maintenance Workers

Maintenance workers can be seen around Yreka, in brightly colored reflective vests, working to keep the City running as smoothly as possible. Please remember to drive carefully in construction zones!

Pothole Patching

The Maintenance Division performs cold-mix or hot-mix patching depending on weather conditions. During winter, the Maintenance Division works to patch potholes and generally saves larger projects that can temporarily close streets for the summer. These summer projects often include overlays, chip seals, and crack sealing.


Another aspect of the Maintenance Division's duties is sweeping the streets with a Street Sweeper. This task makes the City more aesthetically pleasing, and it prevents contaminants from entering the storm drain system and Yreka Creek. This helps keep the City and the surrounding environment clean.

Street sweepers are not designed to pick up leaves. They are designed to remove fine particulate matter from the street. If piles of leaves are left in the streets, the operator must drive around them to prevent clogging the machine. Leaves must be properly disposed of and not blown or dumped into the street. 

The Municipal Code prohibits the placement of leaves and other debris in the street. So, please do not place leaves or other debris in the street!

Snow in Streets

The Municipal Code also prohibits the placement of snow in the street. Please, when you shovel snow from your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot, place the snow on your property, not in the street. Snow in the street clogs drainage inlets, blocks the flow of water in gutters, and creates flooding problems.

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