City Manager

Cuting Red RibbonThe responsibility of the City Manager is to find and implement the most appropriate ways to provide City services while addressing community needs. The City Manager handles the overall administration of all City operations and functions and serves as the primary source of information about City government to its citizens.


As the administrative officer of the City, the City Manager is responsible for the coordination and direction of all activities of the City within the framework of policies established by the City Council. The City Manager's Office is responsible for a wide array of duties, including:

  • Provide overall daily supervision, management, and direction to City departments
  • Prepare and adhere to an annual budget
  • Oversee the proper application and enforcement of City codes
  • Maintain effective relationships with surrounding City, county, state, and federal agencies and other local organizations to find ways to enhance service to the public
  • Maintain an open environment and to be accessible to listen to citizen complaints and suggestions
  • Coordination of City Council strategic planning and other activities
  • Build and maintain relationships with City employees, as well as meet and confer with the established bargaining units
  • Promote local economic development through collaborative efforts with the Chamber of Commerce, Siskiyou County Economic Development Council, and other partners through use of Revolving Fund Business loans, Business Incubators, HUB and Recycling Market Development Zone enhancements